Mavens Showcase Returns to Folk Alliance 2023 

Mavens Revue showcase is back!! We’re thrilled to return to Folk Alliance International, presenting 22 artists over 4 nights of our showcase shindig starting Wednesday February 1. 

Thanks to our partners Willow Sound Records, Groupe JKB, Beehive Productions and Peluso Microphone Lab, we’ll have great sound, fun cocktails and music from around the world. 

See you in room 629 in #KCMO for #Folk2023!

Thanks to our partners Peluso Microphones, Willow Sound Records, Groupe JKB and Beehive Productions.  

Weds    10:30 pm    Kaia Kater 
Weds    11:00 pm    Basset 
Weds    11:30 pm    Mark Bragg 
Weds    12:00 am    Jessica Pearson and the Wind 
Weds    12:30 am    Moonfruits 
Weds    1:00 am    Mikayla Menzies 
Weds    1:30 am    Charm of Finches 
Thurs    10:30 pm    Mia Kelly 
Thurs    11:00 pm    Twin Flames 
Thurs    11:30 pm    Mehuman 
Thurs    12:00 am    Moonfruits 
Thurs    12:30 am    Basset 
Thurs    1:00 am     Shireen Amini 
Thurs    1:30 am     Son of Town Hall 
Fri    10:30 pm    Jesse Harper 
Fri    11:00 pm    Rum Ragged 
Fri    11:30 pm    Joni Nehrita 
Fri    12:00 am    Basset 
Fri    12:30 am    Aysanabee 
Fri    1:00 am       Mark Bragg 
Fri    1:30 am       Gavin Mendonca 
Sat    10:30 pm    Raine Hamilton String Trio 
Sat    11:00 pm    Mikayla Menzies 
Sat    11:30 pm    Kellie Loder 
Sat    12:00 am    Twin Flames 
Sat    12:30 am    Dallas Ugly 
Sat    1:00 am      Madeleine Roger

New Artists Join Mavens Roster 

We're thrilled to be working with Basset (ON), Mark Bragg (NL) and Lonesome Ace Stringband (ON/BC) in consulting, export development and management services.

Mavens Music launches CreekSong 

CreekSong joins Canadian folk festival landscape in Vienna, Ontario 

September 1, 2021 – The inaugural edition of the new CreekSong Festival will take place on Saturday, September 18, 2021 in Vienna, Ontario, on the banks of the Big Otter Creek. Founded by longtime music entrepreneur and artist manager, Tamara Kater, the daytime event will feature music performances, craft artisans, children’s activities, local food vendors, wellness practitioners and craft beer from the Railway City Brewing Company (St Thomas, ON). 

The festival will take place in Vienna Memorial Park, which is on the unceded territory and ancestral land of the Mississauga, Attiwonderon, Anishinabewaki and Haudenosaunee people. CreekSong is in conversation with members of the Six Nations of the Grand River in an effort to gain a deeper understanding of the Indigenous history of the area and work towards a meaningful relationship with regional Indigenous communities. 

In launching the event, CreekSong founder Tamara Kater (Mavens Music) took inspiration from many historical, cultural and musical connections in the area. In the 1800s, the Big Otter Creek was a Canadian landing for many African-Americans escaping enslavement through the Underground Railroad by crossing Lake Erie from Ashtabula, Ohio. As well, the town of Vienna was the home of Thomas Edison’s grandparents, where he spent boyhood summers before inventing the phonograph, forever transforming the world with recorded music. And in the 1970s, the erstwhile Springfield Sound Studio nearby was the location for many Stan Rogers recordings, including Turnaround, Northwest Passage and Forgarty’s Cove. Ron Hynes’ Wonderful Grand Band also recorded there. Kater is working to reflect the diverse history of the area, while striving for festival values that are inclusive, progressive and environmentally sustainable. 


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